FEEL: I Fucking Hate to Lose

While it's easy to see the value of success in winning something that you've tried for, tremendous benefits also come from the work involved in losing. Because there is value in fighting for something important to you, even when the outcome is not what you hoped it would be.

By Wendy Davis - Lenny Letter

On the morning of November 5, 2014 — the morning after the biggest and most public "fail" I have ever had — I pulled myself out of my hotel-suite bed and prepared to go to my Texas-gubernatorial-campaign headquarters for the last time. Fifty or so of the most vital members of my team, people who had worked tirelessly for the past year, would be gathered there. What will I say to them? I wondered. We had come together believing with our whole hearts in what we were working to achieve: restoring the voices of real people to the Texas capitol. And each of us was suffering from the deep disappointment of the previous day's loss.
I had been in this hotel suite before. It was in 2008, the night I won my long-shot race to be elected as a Texas state senator in what had been considered a safe Republican seat. The suite, at the former Hotel Texas, was the one in which President John F. Kennedy Jr. spent his final night before heading to Dallas on that fateful morning in 1963. Spending the night there was meaningful to me, because it was both a piece of American history and the site of my greatest political triumph.
How different the morning following my victorious senate election had been! In 2008, I woke up filled with happy adrenaline. In 2014, I suffered the dull thud of a headache and the beginnings of a heartache that was just starting to sink in. Picking through the mostly uneaten food still spread out on the dining table, I found an empty wine glass, filled it with warm Champagne, and took a shot for courage. I pulled on a pair of jeans and headed to the lobby for the drive over to my campaign headquarters on Fort Worth's south side. READ MORE

Image: If you Lose the Game Will You Still Playing? Image Credit: Rumay-Chian