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FEEL: I Fucking Hate to Lose

While it's easy to see the value of success in winning something that you've tried for, tremendous benefits also come from the work involved in losing. Because there is value in fighting for something important to you, even when the outcome is not what you hoped it would be.

By Wendy Davis - Lenny Letter

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LEARN: How to Survive a Plague


The story of two coalitions -- ACT UP and TAG (Treatment Action Group) -- whose activism and innovation turned AIDS from a death sentence into a manageable condition.

TOOL: Basic Steps to Building a Coalition

A coalition is a network of organizations (and sometimes just regular people) that work together to achieve a greater goal. This organizing resource by The Electronic Frontier Foundation provides a framework for thinking about coalition building for any cause.

By The Electronic Frontier Foundation

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OUTCRY: Welcome to Cancerland

To the extent that current methods of detection and treatment fail or fall short, America’s breast-cancer cult can be judged as an outbreak of mass delusion, celebrating survivorhood by downplaying mortality and promoting obedience to medical protocols known to have limited efficacy.

By Barbara Ehrenreich - Harpers

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STUDY: Community is Good for Your Health

"As humans, we have many different regulatory systems — blood pressure, metabolism, stress hormones," says Teresa Ellen Seeman, professor of medicine at the UCLA School of Public Health. "There are data that suggest all these systems are affected by social relationships. People who report more supportive and positive social relationships have .... lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels, better glucose metabolism and lower levels of various stress hormones."

By Lily Dayton – NY Times

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REMEMBER: The Women's Health Movement

Activists in the Women’s Health Movement formed a powerful lobby that has brought the inequities in women’s health care to the attention of legislators and the public. 

By Stephanie DiPonio

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WITNESS: Ending Breast Cancer with the Department of Defense

The BCRP enables researchers to propose their best, innovative ideas that address the urgent need to end breast cancer. Scientists are challenged to pursue high-risk/high-reward research, explore new paradigms that could lead to critical discoveries, and make an unprecedented impact on breast cancer.

By The Department of Defense

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TUNE IN: The Way of All Flesh


A docu-essay by Adam Curtis tells the story of Henriettta Lacks' immortal cell line. After dying from cancer in 1951, a sample of her tissue was cultivated in a laboratory in the hope of finding a cancer cure. The cells (HeLa cells) have been growing ever ways that scientist could not entirely control.

ASK: Should American Science be Privatized?

As the power of philanthropic science has grown, so has the pitch, and the edge, of the debate. Fundamentally at stake, the critics say, is the social contract that cultivates science for the common good. 

By William J. Broad - NY Times

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