Galen & Jon
Violence, Leadership and White Men


Adolescent anger. Violence and leadership. Military fathers. Christianity. When local industries collapse. Suicidality. Neighbourhood-based community leadership. How to find your community. Moving from extreme addiction to extraordinary leading. Adolescent psychology. Leadership through art and music. If you would like to participate in this conversation live, please contact us.


Galen Silvestri (Co-Founder of United Roots) and Jon Lajoie (actor, recording artist, and internet phenom)

MOVING: Beyond Tolerance

Most of us were raised to believe that tolerance is a good thing, but is it enough or just the bare minimum? This hour, TED speakers on how to move beyond tolerance to a place of deeper understanding.

TED Radio Hour

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ASTONISH: How Learning To Be Vulnerable Saves Oil Rig Workers Lives

"Part of safety in an environment like that is being able to admit mistakes and being open to learning — to say, 'I need help, I can't lift this thing by myself, I'm not sure how to read this meter,' " she says. "That alone is about being vulnerable."

By Angus Chen – Invisibilia

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STUDY: Pain Really Is All In Your Head

"There's coordination between the front part of the brain, which is the executive control region of the brain, and the sensory part of the brain"...That suggests that at least some people can teach their brains how to filter out things like chronic pain, perhaps through meditation, Jones says.

Jon Hamilton - NPR

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WITH YOU: A New Generation of Leaders Free Their Dreams

My dream for my community, I would at least like to see more people getting along, building more relationships. Because I see a lot of people that are afraid to reach out to others.

By United Roots / Oakland PAYV Academy

MAXIMUM FORCE: How a Former Black Panther Is Working To Stop Gang Violence in South L.A.

For years, he says the police answer to gang violence was suppression..."Gang intervention had to mature itself into comprehensive community intervention," he says.

By Juliet Bennett Rylah - LAist

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RIDE AND RISE: Wolfie's Just Fine

By Jon Lajoie

EARLY FEELINGS: Violence and Non-Violence

Bandura (1961) conducted a study to investigate if social behaviors (i.e. aggression) can be acquired by observation and imitation.

By Saul McLeod - Simply Psychology

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The rules of the bench are as follows: Any kid without someone to play with can sit there, and within a few moments they will be asked to play by a fellow student. The power of positive peer pressure!

By Claire Dodson – Fast Company

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TRY: Raging

These dangerous times demand these dangerous's time to play them, to ragify the people and to make America rage again. 

Interview with Tom Morello - The Young Turks

ENJOY: Meaningful Misery

In recent years I have noticed an increase in the number of people who also feel guilty or ashamed about what they perceive to be negativity. Such reactions undoubtedly stem from our culture's overriding bias toward positive thinking. 

By Tori Rodriguez - Scientific American

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SING-A-LONG: What About Men?

BREATHE DEEP: All That We Share