FEEL: Dignity and Power Now

Black Lives Matter chapters and affiliated groups are expressing a type of spiritual practice that makes use of the language of health and wellness to impart meaning, heal grief and trauma, combat burn-out and encourage organizational efficiency.

By Hebah H. Farrag - On Being

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Ai-jen & Alicia | Conversation Transcript

TASTE: The Revolutionary Power of Diverse Thought


And all around the world,when we look at how demagogues talk and how they inspire movements, I think they have one unmistakable quality in common: they strongly, strongly dislike plurality. They cannot deal with multiplicity. Adorno used to say, "Intolerance of ambiguity is the sign of an authoritarian personality."

Elif Shafak

LOOK CLOSER: How to Recognize Unsung Heroes

Ai-jen Poo wants to make you see the invisible. All around you are invisible people—people who are caring for others, parents, siblings, grandparents.

Jay Newton-Small - Time

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LISTEN: And Say Her Name

White Americans in particular are very invested in this belief of America as the home of the brave, the land of the free, where everybody has opportunity...that is a part of their identity...What do you do when someone challenges your identity?

Making Contact - PRX.org

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DIALOGUE: Young Asian Americans Write A Letter To Their Families About Black Lives Matter, Collectively

I don't want to have these kinds of arguments because I don't want to seem ungrateful. They left everything to come to the U.S. so I could have more opportunities, and there's a lot of guilt there. And for me, it can be paralyzing. I would not know how to start a conversation like that.

By Code Switch - NPR

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TOOLKIT: Healing As A Critical Part Of Direct Action

The political period we are now entering promises to require a redoubling of our efforts to organize against increasing oppression. We will need to match this fortifying energy with elevated and innovative ways of caring and showing up for each other.

Black Lives Matter

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LOVE: Scheming On Freedom

Progressive movements in the United States have made some unfortunate errors when they push for unity at the expense of really understanding the concrete differences in context, experience and oppression.  In other words, some want unity without struggle.

Alicia Garza - The Feminist Wire

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HONOR: Legendary Domestic Worker Dorothy Bolden

"I was the one that went up to Washington to kick up some hell about women not getting the attention they deserved." She said she fought "vicious hard" for maids to be recognized by the Social Security Administration. 

By Kay Powell - LEGACY.COM

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MAKE: New Models of Labor Organizing

The work of social reproduction that household workers engage in—cooking, cleaning and caring—is often not considered economically productive labor, because of its association with women’s unpaid housework. Because women have done this work for centuries without pay, it tends to be viewed as a “labor of love” not meriting competitive compensation.

By Premilla Nadasen - Viewpoint Magazine

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LEAD WITH HEART: Obama Walks In Pauline's Shoes

Using the model of the temp agency, the ambiguous legal status of the home as a workplace and the distrust of care labor as “real work,” home agencies have tenaciously held onto the companionship exemption. They do so while getting plenty of public dollars. 

By Eileen Boris and Jennifer Klein – New York Times

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HAND TO HEART: It Is Expensive to Be Poor

The underpaid women who clean our homes and offices, prepare and serve our meals, and care for our elderly—earning wages that do not provide enough to live on—are the true philanthropists of our society.

By Barbara Ehrenreich - The Atlantic

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HEAR: Black Privilege According to a Young Poet

A teacher asked a little boy what he wanted to be when he grew up and he said alive.

By Crystal Valentine - Button Poetry

EYES WIDE OPEN: The Right To Raise A Child In Safe, Healthy and Supportive Environments

A caucus of black feminists at a 1994 pro-choice conference coined the term “reproductive justice,” a framework that includes not only a woman’s right not to have a child, but also the right to have children and to raise them with dignity in safe, healthy, and supportive environments.

By Dorothy Roberts - Dissent Magazine

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PROVIDE: Inspired, Disruptive Leadership

Is leadership only reserved for the extraordinary few? Who has what it takes to disrupt the status quo? In this hour, TED speakers share ideas about what it takes to forge a new path. 

TED Radio Hour

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