ASK: When Did Porn Become Sex Ed?

The statistics on sexual assault may have forced a national dialogue on consent, but honest conversations between adults and teenagers about what happens after yes — discussions about ethics, respect, decision making, sensuality, reciprocity, relationship building, the ability to assert desires and set limits — remain rare. 

By Peggy Orenstein - New York Times

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WATCH: The Sexy Lie

Caroline Heldman discusses self-objectification, how to recognize it, and the large-scale consequences it can have for women and society as a whole. 

By Caroline Heldman - TEDxYouth

CHALLENGE: Sorry, Not Sorry

A lot of the time when I say sorry it's because I'm mad. Really mad. So mad that I'm afraid anything but sorry will cause me to explode and drip my hideous rage juice all over someone I'm simultaneously pissed at and trying to please. 

By Lena Dunham – Linked In

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