PRACTICE: Physician Advocacy

If physicians simply patch up those who are sick or harmed by preventable disease rather than pushing for the changes needed to actually prevent them, we will not have as great an impact on health. If we are going to advocate successfully for those changes, then such advocacy must become a core value that we teach in medical school.

By Joshua Freeman, MD - AMA Journal of Ethics

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EXPLORE: HIV Treatment as Prevention in Canada

Our findings support the long-term effectiveness and sustainability of HIV treatment as prevention within an adequately resourced environment with no financial barriers to diagnosis, medical care or antiretroviral drugs. 

by Julio Montaner et al

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WITNESS: Working a Million Hours to Heal a City

I learned a lot about how racial disparities and poverty pry an immense gap in the health outcomes of a community. I heard about some unusual strategies—like using ex-cons to patrol neighborhoods and break up fights—that public-health experts are employing in order to address those problems.

By Olga Khazan - The Atlantic

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LISTEN: Los Frikis

TRY: Assertive Community Treatment for Mental Health

The team doesn’t wait until a person comes to the office. The majority of services are delivered where consumers live, work, and spend their leisure time, not in the program office.


By William Knoedler, M.D. interview by NAMI

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HEAL: Faces of HIV

The Faces of HIV project examines the effects of stigmas, the personal relationships and care issues associated with being HIV positive.


RESOURCE: Harm Reduction International

We work to reduce the negative health, social and human rights impacts of drug use and drug policy – such as the increased vulnerability to HIV and hepatitis infection among people who inject drugs – by promoting evidence-based public health policies and practices, and human rights based approaches to drug policy. 

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SPREAD: Safe Sex as Fashion

READ: Reducing Crime and Obesity, in the Park

In a FIT zone at Bell Street Park in East Palo Alto, Calif., friends from the neighborhood now gather regularly to play volleyball.

"The overall idea," says Melvin Gaines, who manages special projects for the city and has been with the project since it started, is for "residents to overwhelm the negative activities with positive things, so bad guys don't feel comfortable."

By Jeremy Raff - NPR

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READ: Pope Francis - A 'Disruptor'?

File:Pope Francis at Vargihna.jpg

Pope Francis' emphasis on the poor challenges us to move beyond our current ethical preoccupations and turn our attention — or at least increase our attention — to a host of other issues related to justice and those who are vulnerable and on the margins.

By Ron Hamel, Ph.D. - Catholic Health Association of the United States

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CAUSE AND EFFECT: The New Heroin Epidemic

Ten years ago, prescription painkiller dependence swept rural America. As the government cracked down on doctors and drug companies, people went searching for a cheaper, more accessible high. Now, many areas are struggling with an unprecedented heroin crisis.

 By Olga Khazan - The Atlantic

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