LISTEN: And Say Her Name

White Americans in particular are very invested in this belief of America as the home of the brave, the land of the free, where everybody has opportunity...that is a part of their identity...What do you do when someone challenges your identity?

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In cities across the country, black women - many of whom have been on the front lines of the Movement for Black Lives - are lifting up the names of their sisters killed by police. 

This March, Manolia Charlotin, a multimedia journalist with the The Media Consortium, and Cat Brooks, artist and organizer with Oakland's Anti Police-Terror Project sat down at a community event in San Francisco to talk about Say Her Name and what it looks like to build a movement that centers black women. 

Jamison Robinson, Yuvette Henderson's brother, talks about the difference it makes when a community comes together to demand justice after the police kill someone. LISTEN

Jamison Robinson, brother of Yuvette Henderson; Manolia Charlotin, journalist with The Media Consortium, Cat Brooks, artist and organizer with the Anti Police-Terror Project

Photo Credit: Rowland Scherman Poster Credit: Black Feminist Future