General notes on your custom theme.


Some general notes to keep in mind when working with your custom theme include:

  • The text entered in the "Long name" field found under the Site settings options is the site title that appears in your navigation menu.
  • The custom search bar in your navigation menu is set up to crawl
  • In your Site settings, make sure that the "Allow search engines" option is selected when you're ready to launch your website live, and that "Who can view this site" is set to Anyone.
  • Under the Blog settings tab for the library page, theĀ Show all blog posts on the site, not just the ones under this blog option should be selected
  • To work properly, your site requires some key pages (the slugs of which are listed below). Make sure that these pages exist, and that the slug for these pages stays the same:
    • home
    • library
    • action
    • credits
    • join
  • Make sure that the library page has the tag "library page", that the action page has the tag "action page", and that the home page is set as the homepage for the website.

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